Dr. DreNo Second Chance

Artist: Dr. Dre Title: No Second Chance(original version) Verse #1 I got you mad at me and it's so sad to plea for you to come back to me so Instead ima drop this 'e' and keep bein' this 'g' god had goin for me 'cause you Don't even see the real me, so fuck all you faggot who believe in hip hop you'all Gonna drop like the cop ima kill in the parkin'lot that shot at me while I was Robbin that shop, see my middle finger, well watch it linger as I flip you the Bird and know I'm commin after you in this stolen luxurie sedan with my two Glocks in each one of my hands Chorus x2 So fuck life, Smoke your pipe, Grab the shapest knife you can grab and murda you wife, Live without fear and give no second chance to any one, Then go on and murda the rest of your peers like they were deers, give em no Second chance Ima state that this is my fate, to hate and rate you as the bait and make you Late with a 'lil' 'g' like me can't you see you'll never be me and never have a Life like me and never be right like me 'cause you aint even half way to bein' a Motherfuckin' 'g' like me now ima count to three till I blast your brains Out... One... Two... Three "BANG BANG" I told you I give out no second chance and If your motherfuckin friends wanna starts there chants and have a blue then I Will kill em and make there families watch em few, so then they will go on and Sue and watch me swearin' at you and screamin' "I don't Give A fuck it's Only You" so you better watch out for when Dr. Korvorkien perfroms an autopsi on you While you scream I'm still a live and I sit there laughin with my nine wives Chorus x2 Repeat verse #1
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