Krayzie BoneGemini

[Chorus: repeat 2X] Gemini, everytime I try to use my mind Seems like I gotta fight two sides And I never know which one's right That's my life [Krayzie Bone] Man since I been off in this music business shit has gotten Crazy I gotta be dealing wit devils bitches and bustas daily All ah dem was screamin to take me on that long ride Journey or mission, whatever you wanna call it They tryin to get me Listen, I'm hearing voices sayin Kill dem muthaphukkaz dead Other voices saying be humble man and understand I try to be level headed but it seems the devils winnin Try to do the right thing but I always end up sinnin Pin Me God wont forgive you when you pray and do the same shit So I repent, and you can't even pay yo rent If it ain't no dollars ain't no sense right now But as I stop and think, a nigga got kids right now And mine got ta eat But they can't eat if daddy's dead or in jail So, what would you do choose heaven or hell If it's hell, you'd probly come up fast, and die That's why {and i} I wonder why heaven Ain't the chance on my mind [deep voice Krayzie] Listen nigga, you plan on having thought of thangs Then fuck everybody else, think about yo self Them muthaphukkaz never gave you shit Fuck that nigga take that bitch You smoke all the muthaphukkin reefa you give Kill any muthaphukka you feel need to be killed And the niggaz that used to run wit cha They ain't cha friends them niggas is out ta get cha And fuck this Ruthless bitch Them muthaphukkaz ain't paid you for shit If I was you and you was me Then i'll bust in that office and take my profits But nah, you muthaphukkaz tryin ta go to heaven Be broke and ain't nobody bless you What happen to the muthaphukkin nigga I know The nigga that was lokking the let the guns smoke You a mastermind you need to say fuck this rap shit And put it in some crime {sometimes} You money waitin nigga Ya muthaphukkin money ways niggas Don't let chu know you gotta fight these niggas] You know you got damn right Handle my pistol dawg 'cause I den got hype Finna be some muthaphukkaz dying tonight The shit ain't right 'cause I den stayed humble and kept it real wit chu hoes [and muthaphukkaz try to play me still nigga I know] Yeah muthaphukkaz is thinkin a nigga got soft And I dropped my sawed off and I won't break em off But chu know a nigga [show dem niggas] Hoe ass niggas [told dem niggas] If I had to fake that is was on (Stop hold up nigga wait don't go makin a mistake wit cho life) [Man fuck this hoe shit niggas is bout ta ride] But wait, what chu mean make a mistake Muthaphukkaz owe me (But killing ain't the way ta get it please hear me) Well how the fuck I'm pose to eat [ain't no other way] (but it is) [it ain't fuck that] How you feel it is [Oh shit] (You got ta pray, they'll be a better day I can bet there'll be a better way But chu gotta keep ya faith don't let them demons take Ya soul don't sell ya soul no Remember what chu reap ya so, and if you try ta cheat he know) [Fuck that save the world shit Don't listen to that garbage Don't chu know niggas gone die hell regardless Don't chu got a family nigga what about cho daughter] (And that's just the reason you should trust in the Lordy Lordy Lordy Lord) So what am I to do, go dance with the devil Or be true ta you know who get paid I make due But the bad is lookin good And the good is lookin bad Shit you be the judge of that dat. [Chorus:] - repeat until fade © 2018