Krayzie BoneI Don't Give A F***

Send* corrections to the typist [Chorus ]:2x You been talkin' now, we caught you B h***now it's on Thug line nor I don't give a f k**(I don't give a fuck) About you jumpin' up actin', like you Krayzie 'Cause you Hollywood n s****can't fade this [Verse ]:Turn off that muthafuckin' radio And put in a cd or a tape And let them thug n skankshow We comin' to invade your space In your face like "Ho hey "!The original criminal, blowing, up on these n s****Give them something to listen to Is Right back up in the house Mastermind of rap or crime Another clack of a nine Damage your spine (spine) Mash us and blast at your mind N s****really think I'm carin' What they sayin' like they scarin' me But all they talk is noise I'm not a toy so, boy don't play with me Thug Line Thug, Line And yeah that's my clique (that's it) And if n s****wanna trip Then we can do this s titI'm not no muthafucking ho-n anusI came but I can go So n anuscome on And let me know what you down to die for Stay strapped these days cause I don't know who to trust So I just point my gun everywhere when I bust F k**these n s****I'm in your city your, tv and your radio So don't act like I'm hiding N anusy'all, are just some scary-hoes [Chorus 2x] [Verse 2 ]:Why n s****be actin' like they know me Then? talkin' my s titAll on my d k**Now n anusyou know what we call them (A b h***bitch), I'm running from nobody and nothing Moth kuntitthem if they coming We'll be waiting with the pumps And bucking slugs into they stomach A hundred mini-missles won't miss you I can bet you we hit you Split 'em get, rid of 'em 10 of them at, the same time killin' em Keep my presence to a minimum But I'm in your vision Every time you see the thug line I'm on the front line I love mine I'm tellin' you now We on a mission with no mercy Wanna know how bad we wan't it Just? say we thirsty for it And any n anustrying to get up in my way Might I say them, b s*****beggin' for a beatin' So we left 'em bleedin' Competition (competition) to, me is an enemy So think before you come try to get in it with me So you can frown all you want to Get loud all you want to But now we see you What you gon' do [Chorus? 2x] [Verse 3 ]:Now if y'all really trying to get in some action You heard my song Come n anusget, at me And bring your family 'Cause we really need to practise "Walk it don't, talk it" I, say this time after time Have the same nerve and courage when we see you outside Online, all, right Lets get this party started spark, it Thug style showin', em love But we stay heartless regardless Hit 'em with bomb s titBetter ring the alarm Its the thuggish ruggish n s****Bustin' the guage with one arm Like Vietnam the, enemies expendable so, f k**'em First time we warn 'em Second time we storm 'em N anusyou, don't get no three shots We not playin' and, I know they understand They tried to test the man But the man was really a man So it's the plan Stay heated heavy and ready to die If not then eat a magnum full of hollow point shots I'm just tryin' to make my profit Get, up out of this s titBut until then I gotta c my*** s tit(I c my*** shit) [Chorus 2x] © 2018