Krayzie BoneI Don't Know What

Send* corrections to the typist [Krayzie repeat: 4x] This is how we do it when, we do it [Chorus... ]:Doesn't it feel good to see us makin money Feel? good like everyday's sunny Feel good see us takin off Doesn't? it feel good to see us ball And? they can't take it from us at all And if you agree that we don't fall sing "la da di da da di da di da di da" [Verse 1 Krayzie]: Back at'cha it's, the thug with the most droppin more Thuggish Ruggish on ya Krayzie keepin it flaming so, indeed it's fire for ya Water don't, need none let it burn Let it be known that it's my turn let, 'em turn Be concerned with these words I got Whatever they sayin about the Line we, better kill 'em 'Cause I got up and I got mine don't mean I'm trippin Really left ni z***behind to handle business They don't understand I'm in it to win it Thug out with a crowd full of criminals and killers So pump your fists if ya feel it hear, me We in it to keep it the realest With my remige Thugline, team coming, to kill something Close to 30 million sold and still thuggin still, strugglin Wassup with Bone Gotta? keep it real so, I tell them I don't know Can't think no more excuses when ni z***don't show We came up from poor and, I'm not going back to poor no, [Chorus! ]:[Verse 2 Krayzie]: For The Love Of $ I, keep it funky Just thuggin back down in the ghetto Sleep in the pj's they let me so I love 'em back By keepin it real givin, 'em s titthat they can feel like, hustlin need more than a mil Like how to make it on these streets and not be killed ‘fore you get grown Let a n anusgo on 'cause he chose to live his life wrong All I know is life is already short And you can bring your non-exsistance closer if you want Trust me you, don't n anuslive, on get'cha, thug on (thug on) Make you some cheese get, some weed and go get your buzz on But must of all you gotta stay sucka-free them, bustas out ya mix That go for anything you do and they go all to jail I, don't trip I share a hater to the side devil, a n** anusAlways fuckin up my vibe that's, right now n, anusYou done meet Krayzie Bone you, ain't meet Leatherface And I don't think you wanna though no, [Chorus! ]:[Verse 3 Krayzie]: My n anuscover, your ears and f k**what you heard (heard) 'Cause it's about they bullshit they be talkin why, Ni? z***in my business like they my b schlongot, me hot (so hot hot, hot, hot), Run up touch, me get, burned n, anusSaid they saw me at the Source out on the floor dropped, (what )?Chickenhead b h***from Miami said we was runnin when the war popped Hoe stop you, don't know none n anusrollin with me What shut you puff My? ni z***hold on the B For most of them ni z***they want peace when we meet Like we ain't be hearin what they be saying on the streets So we gotta bring the heat Speak if you want but, keep it to a mumble Speak louder than a whisper oh, and we gonna get'cha Y'all Don't Know Me ain't, that what I told 'em Hope? they knowin these pistols real's that we toat jokin, Naw n anuswe, for real in the field Believe what you want but, you suckas know the deal [Chorus ]: © 2018