Krayzie BoneIf You A Thug

F/ Asu, K-Mont, Lareece * Send corrections to the typist (Chorus 4x) Clap your hands thug n****s jam hard Clap your hands thug n****s clap your hands (Lareece) If you a thug n***a what, you poppin slugs at snitch n****s You aint playing, s**t you's a halt about your figgas If you thug, forever rollin on dubs 20 deep [?] pressin the clubs with your thugs (K-mont) N***a if you a thug than youu better have tatts And whenever I got beef than I can call you for straps N***a if you a thug than you all about paper And you know there's only one way you got todeal with a hater (Krayzie) If you a thug You wouldn't have been talkin it You would have been walkin it Loading up your pistol marking your target and popping it If you a thug then what the f**k that make me? A Krayzie... N***a y'all aint trying to see (Asu) If you a thug only thing squilling will be your wills and You was a pilling at still at whoever the f**k you wasn't feeling Thugs know the verse, my thugs holler louder than that You don't hear them, you heard them in n****s just follow the path (Chorus 4x) (Lareece) If you a thugi know you aint loving the b***h, hugging the b***h You say you just be rubbing the clique If you a thug you know you can't be tricking the dough Roll up in the halls, keep eyes on your foes (K-Mont) (yea yea yea) (K-Mont) N***a if you a thug than it's b*****s you lust You know it's hard to find a pritty dyme piece you trust N***a if you a thug than you got to get yours You still doing your thang, but aint no love for hores (Krayzie) If you a thug you don't some money to make some money Because if you a thug, if you aint got it you taking money If you a thug you don't give a f**k about the judge Doing three strikes when you living your life thug! (Asu) What a thug see thru whatever you were trying to do I bet a thug can show you better than a thug can tell you Thugs stay talking, and walking, stay rolling and sparking up Thugs stay swollen in they hearts and in they nuts [Chorus:] (Lareece) If you a thug oh yeah you know you staying [?] so high Keep your heat on your side when you ride If you a thug see you that type of n***a that never given a f**k Mad doggin on than n****s like what If you a thug (K-Mont) If you a thug you probably fighting a case Harrassed by the police and probably sprayed with mase N***a if you a thug you know the law aint s**t You screaming f**k the police And telling the president to eat a d**k (Krayzie) If you a you would of been screaming this s**t before we was Is you a thug or a n***a just trying to ride the bandwagon If you a thug you got no problem spending blood Over the s**t you love so n***a tell me Still a thug? (Asu) If you a thug you wouldn't be hollering About what you would of, could ofbut should of you done it Now n***a run it on your mothafuckin stomach Ashes and elbows cocka-doo-doo You know how the tail goes (Chorus 8x) © 2014