Krayzie BoneThatâ??s That Bone

Wish Bone) You can call it what you want to Respect when we roll through Fight like yeah, that's just what we bust through Swear niggaz straight thugs Really nigga rolled up Layed out Blacked out Know niggaz fucked up It don't really matter They scatter We bustin' So fuck'em Let em lay I ain't really playin, niggaz playin Bone ass niggaz down, to me that shit is gay Better than my black gauge too Hear ya blountin buddy but my eyes on you Watch that step, do what I gotta do Gotta go fuck in my hotel room Its about that money that money gotta have me some Money Or else Hit a nigga to the white meat Gonna get me some money I ain't gotta tell, a nigga know When you fuckin with that bone better go for broke It ain't really that serious betta let it go Ain't no tellin where that might might just might go (Krayzie Bone) You mutha fuckers better wake up and smell That marijuana inhale That little ganja And realize ya dealin with a monsta Mastermind I rap the crime I blast ya mind I'm so sick But don't need to call a doctor 'cause you wont find a cure for this Besides I don't need no remedy, I'm already fixed Nigga take a hit of this and you aint never goin back To that wack shit Y'all know what clique got the hits Wait a minute I'm sick of niggaz gettin all the credit For bein tough guys and aint got the balls and said it I read it little nigga when I seen him in the video You can tell who really real on them really hoes Just because you strik a pose in some pretty clothes Really don't mean you niggaz automatic criminals You can fool the episode They don't really know How a real nigga let the mutha fuckin trigger go [Chorus:] x 2 We them, thuggish ruggish niggaz that'll enter ya mind, With them ruff and rugged lyrics that I spit like a nine, It don't matter where we hit em Its a hit everytime, But you know that's bone That's that bone! (Kryazie Bone) I told you nigga, you dealin with a beast From the streets of clevland, down with Easy-E Niggaz give me a reason to keep that heat in the seat But in my lap so I'm in position to bust back (Wish Bone) Guess who's back to shut the lights down Screamin out thug and no you ain't none Gotta do something When we see we gon' run up on em, nigga gotta tell me Somthin, somthin (Krayzie Bone) Take a journey to my violent side The riots lie Hit 'em with the silenced nine, a quiet mine And still fuck the law, and any other mutha fucker wanna run Up, come on (Wish Bone) And it's easy it don't take much to make ya blow Before you hear it you gon' feel it Stay locked and loaded Thugs like us they don't make it get it straight dawg Get rolled up They gon' like it when we roll off (Krayzie and Wish) Missed with the sawed off Creepin through the fog All, y'all niggaz die Competition dry, to see me with a another that can really Get with the lyrical killas from the 99 Spittin when I ride ride (Wish Bone) Know what you doin when you step, you can fall off Hands up thugs comin through when we raw dawg Everywhere we go yes it's like that Everywhere we roll strapped with black a thug ready to Go... [Chorus:] x 6 (ever other chorus change) ((ruff to wicked)) We them, thuggish ruggish niggaz that'll enta ya mind With them ruff and (rugged) lyrics that I spit like a nine It don't matter where we hit em Its a hit everytime But you that's bone That's that bone © 2018