Kris KristoffersonHow Do You Feel (About Foolin' Around)

So many people got so many lines they've all been tried and it's true They've all got so many reasons for changin' your mind And there ain't none of 'em new But there's just so little distance between me and you I think we're two of a kind We don't do nothing you don't wanna do and I won't tell you no lies So tell me how do you feel about foolin' around down from your head to your toes Ain't nothin' realer than right here and now if that's as far as it goes And it goes and it goes it goes ha-ha [ piano ] Hey you'll never miss nothing we've never known you'll never know till you try Hey we can take it or leave it alone but we got so little time So tell me how do you feel about... So tell me how do you feel about... © 2014