Jennifer Love HewittFly Away Like Always

Chorus: Birds fly, fly away like always I just standin' here to see you Flying pass me above my head Why you always pass me like you Really don't like people____________ So birds fly, fly away like always You should that I don't get hurt And I have angels around me It doesn't matter it's a Sunday In Spring so don't fly pass me I just a nice person that likes birds So fly, fly, fly away like always Fly away like always Vers1: You know the birds is coming back So you better be proud but I know I am So follow the birds anywherethan Stop and say"Spring, Birds, Fly Away Like Always" So be glad we have birds is Back because this is spring And the bird need to come Back if you don't want the birds Come back then ruin back home and Stay in until you see any birds is out So.................... (repeat chorus) [Verse 2:]: You are big fat chicken because you are Scarie' of plan birds and you understand With a pet bird and if you have a pet Bird then why you ran away from the birds That live outside So won't you stay here watch the birds pass You because it pass many times so belive me Whatever I say and I don't care you tell (repeat chorus 2times) Fly away like always © 2018