John DenverCatch Another Butterfly

Do you remember days Not so very long ago When the world was run by People twice your size And the days were full of laughter And the nights were full of stars And when you grew tired you Could close your eyes Yes the stars were were there for wishin' And the wind was there for kites And the morning sun was There for rise and shine And even in the sniffles Kept you home from school in bed You couldn't hardly Stay there after nine And I wonder if the Smell of mornings faded What happened to the robins Song that sparkled in the sky Where's all the water gone That tumbled down the stream Will I ever catch another butterfly Do you remember campouts Right in your own backyard Wondering how airplanes could fly And the hours spent just playing With a funny rock you found With crystal specks as Blue as all the sky Now I watch my son He's playing with his toys He's happy and I Give him all I can But I can't help feeling Just a lime inside When to hear him say He wants to be a man © 2018