John DenverJoseph & Joe

Joseph & Joe The priest and the cowboy The places they've been to The places they're in For a time between storms On the side of a mountain With another man's family A family of friends Joseph can give you The keys to the kingdom He'll put you in touch with The spirit of man Joe love the desert But lives in the mountains His closest companion A left-handed man [Chorus] Where do you go If you've got no way to get there Where do you go How do you know If you've never ever been there How do you know Tell me how do you know Joseph I lost you In some other city Our paths and our crossing Were way out of time Joe how the seasons Have drifted between us Or is it your vision Much greater then mine Take head of the darkness Which gathers around us A fire that consumes us Forever to burn Then look to the surf For our father is with us Our mother will teach us What we need to learn [Chorus x2] © 2017