John FarnhamAll Of Them!!

Johnny Farnham has always been one of my favourites because his songs are straight from the heart and about life so they all have there meaning in the man him self who he is as we all know... Johnny Farnham!! Some of my friends think I'm not up with the new music but I'm one of a kind because I will always like johnny farnham with his such good talent he has because his tunes are better listening to than a lot of new songs... I watched his concert on tellie and have recorded so I will enjoy havingthat for ever and it's been great going back to it... Johnny has always been an inspiring man and playing inspiring music... Unfortunatley he has said the last time but I beleive what ross wilson said that he will get back on the horse and saddle up more great songs with his great shows... You have achieved everything john in your fifty years and wish you success and happiness of what you already have got in the next fifty years!! Go go go johnny keep up the good work in your music career for so many australians by a great australian you are... Cheers © 2018