John MellencampChance Meeting At The Tarantula

Hey, don't I know you from somewhere Yeah, it was down in New Orleans In one of those back-street bars in the quarter Between Desire and Honalee You were dancin' with a friend of Michael's I remember how we met You were talkin' to ol' Jimmy And you lit my cigarette [Chorus:] How come you can't remember? This is me you're talkin' to From May through September It was all about me 'n you, baby It was all about me 'n you Well it looks like to me That you have conveniently forgotten everything This confusion that has surrounded you Is this your morality and not your brain You've got a birthmark below your navel You wear a size seven and a half shoe You got this Rolex watch that I suspect you cobbed From that doctor who said he loved you [Chorus:] Well you told me that you lived in the wind Like a bird who never touched the ground And if you did you would surely die without making a sound "Live, let's live", that's all you kept sayin' And our summer was full of life We're gonna send them a postcard, and show 'em what it's like to be alive But I never wanted to leave your side No, I just couldn't believe that you'd lie No, I never wanted to say "good-bye" baby [Chorus:] © 2017