John MellencampDon't Misunderstand Me

Written by John Mellencamp I bring you renegade stories And you tell me I'm crazy and wild You say that I lack maturity Stop actin' like a child But you know I am a liar And my promises only get in my way You feel so good, when you're in my arms Ain't there one right thing I can say To make oyu want to stay Chorus: Oh, oh baby, baby Don't misunderstand me Oh, oh baby, baby You tell me that you love me but This ain't no way for you to live You hold so tight your fingers are broken I take more than I care to give But it's heartbeat to heartbeat It's push and shove and steal and prove It's hand to mouth sometimes If we run hard enough someday baby Gonna find some room to move Chorus All of this showin' and provin' Is nothing but fear Everybody can do what they want But they just can't do it here Girl hold on to my childishness I'm gonna break on through Out of this mess Chorus © 2018