John PrineTaking A Walk

A man came to our house I believe it was yesterday I would have invited him in But I didn't have a lot to say His anticipation of me opening the door Outweighed my apprehension as it never had before And drove my concentration Right through that hardwood floor Oh, uh-huh [Chorus] I'm taking a walk I'm going outside I'm taking a walk I'm just gettin' back There's a girl in the white house I don't even know her name Her disheveled appearance Speaks volumes of shame It's an embarrassing situation But a situation just the same The way she walks on others And never takes the blame Upsets my constitution Beyond its motor frame Oh, uh-huh [Chorus] Found a carton departed Of my worn out overalls From a girl in Cedar Rapids Now residing in Idaho Falls I wish you could've been there When she opened up the door And looked me in the face Like she never did before I felt about as welcome As a Wal-Mart superstore Oh, uh-huh I'm taking walk (Taking a walk) I'm going outside (Going outside) I'm taking a walk (Taking a walk) I don't need a ride (Just getting by) I'm watching the birds (Taking a walk) Flying so high (Going outside....) © 2017