JourneyLoved By You

Every time is like the first time tenderly Loving you is like breathing spring Seasons change but your heart beats constantly Count my blessing every day as you love me As the sunset disappears across the northern sky You look for forever in my eyes All I can say, long as I have a voice I'll thank God above that I was your first choice Chorus: If I should die before I wake I'll go into the night whispering your name If lying in your arms is the last thing that I do At least I know that I'll be loved by you In about a hundred years from now When all of my love letters are found And someone reads these words I've written only meant for you They'll know how forever came true... Repeat chorus Let the years roll on by These are the best times of my life I'll just smile when my days are through Knowing that I've been loved by you At least I know that I've been loved by you © 2018