Joy EnriquezEven If

Time they say heals as the pain But now I must keep myself apart From how things used to be I know I should go on with my life And leave the world behind But I have learned to live I know I know I have to be strong Chorus: Even if my heart should call out your name out in the rain Even if these arms should want to embrace you once again And even if I'm all cried out and no longer in pain I'll never fall... In love that way.. Ever again Tears are falling like the rain, How do I convince my heart again That things will be ok I know I have to make it on my own Since you left me all alone Such a lonely place I know I know I've got to go on Chorus Promise that you'd stay and never leave Just tell me why should I believe Obviously you have gone astray and now you're miles away I'll go on without you Chorus © 2018