Lil WayneOh No

(ha ha ha)cut the music up please(ha ha ha) Yea I play the bullshit from the backseat, champ Yea I'm in the backseat, still got the seat back Feet back, stay from where the fake be at Niggaz snitch for the shine, where the patience at? Nigga make his own brother face his back Give love then take it back (good grief)man this world is quite heavy on my aching back Cops killin for crack, you know the story snakes eat rats Face the facts, you can't change em Can't shoot it if you can't aim it Can't miss him, if he kill you then you can't blame him That's just how the dice roll when you can't fade em Get too deep up in that water and they can't save ya Me, I come out of that water like I was just bathing, and watch my step on the wet pavement Yea I'm from the hood so I rep them where I can't take them "hollygrove,hollygrove" was his last statement So nigga get that look off ya face And recognize you got a crook in the place They call me w, e, e crooked letter, y I'm so high, I skeet skeet in any nigga dime like she's mine Street sweeper in the back of the hatch make me pop the latch, Leave you bloody with the cops to match Bullets holes in ya speakers from the chopper blast like.... (ha) that's bullet holes in yo sneakers got you hopin back It all stop when they hit you in yo top and back No cockin back Silly muthafucka you aint heard bout this The clips hang down to the dick That's a automatic shotty from a drum they call tommy guruanteed to get you bitches from by me When I hit every piece of ya physical body He leakin, mortamor is no longer leapin he sleepin While you pussy niggas is sleepin I'm thinkin, Deep in thought the boy aint even winkin. Bob marley got me stinkin, stackin figures I'm standin firm, lifes a slinky Pipes is filled with crack cocaine And the dope go inside of the veins From where I came Though I bare a name only one can live with "coach, they wont knock me off my pivot. Forget it!" I'm sicker wit it Pick a city Buy a condo Find a fine ho Let some time go (chill) What you know about a bongo have the mind goal over a combo about doe, nothin Man the four wheelers look so good on the sand Yea, tank top pocket fan No pocket knife, no handgun in sight Just the rat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat, boo! Tonight I might, just boost my feature price 'cause to each his own, and the lights is bright And I'm feelin like mike at a tyson fight I'm from cita house, big moma's house She told me to shoot ya right after I knock you out And he aint gettin up after them shots if you hit in the right spots Hold up the beat might drop © 2018