Lou ReedBilly

Billy was a good friend of mine We grew up together ever since we were nine We went to school, he was my best friend And I thought our friendship would never end In high school he played football And me, I didn't do anything at all He made touch-downs, while I played pool And no one could figure out which one of us was the fool Then we both went to collage He studied medicine while I studied foliage He got A's and I got D's He was going for his Ph. D. Then I decided to drop out Things were getting a little too hot Billy stayed there, became an intern and then a doctor Then war broke out and he had to go But not me, I was mentally unfit, or so they say, so, so When he came back, he wasn't quite the same His nerves were shot, but not me Last time I saw him, I couldn't take it anymore He wasn't the Billy I knew, it was like talking to a door Billy was a friend of mine I grew up with him ever since I was nine We went together through school And now I often wonder, which one of us was the fool
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