Lou ReedSo Alone

She calls on the phone she says she doesn't want to be alone She says it's making her neurotic but please don't mistake it for being erotic So alone, so all alone She says let's go for a walk we'll have a drink and maybe we will talk And he thinks she has possibilities if she could just put away her rosary So alone, nobody wants to be alone But I just didn't know I swear to you, I just didn't know I would never make you sad if I had known I never would have said those things to you you have to be crazy to say those things to you Let's face it I made a mistake well you know, fools rush in where angels take a break I can't be smart all of the time and anyway I didn't know you were making time over him To tell you the truth, I forget all about him And you know, I don't think it's nice asking one man about another man's vice I don't care if you pick my head as long as we end up in bed Alone, just the two of us alone I just didn't know I swear to God, I just didn't know Can't you understand that it's frightening when you hear women talking about castrating and hating men who wants to know about how you hate men Well, you said now you wanted to dance so now we're going to dance You said that you weren't complete but we're going to put you on your feet You said that you were very vexed you told me to forget about sex You said you liked me for my mind well, I really love your behind Oh, get up and boogie, oh baby, get up and dance Oh, get, get, get, get up and boogie, baby, oh, get up and dance Shake your booty, mama, oh, get up and dance Your points very clear you're not one to cry into your beer Why don't we go to my place believe me, I'm very chaste And I'm so alone, ao all alone Sure all men are beasts hey, look, I'll sit here quietly and I'll stare at my feet I don't blame you for taking umbrage with animals staring at your cleavage So alone, we're so all alone Hey, do you mind if I turn out the light don't take offense, but why don't you spend the night I know your passions run very deep but at this point we both need sleep So alone, and who wants to be alone
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