Lynyrd SkynyrdBorn To Run

(gary rossington, johnny van-zant, ed king, donnie van zant) There's an old man sittin' on a front porch now Talkin' 'bout how it used to be When I was young I was a hell of a man My father died when I was ten I hit the road to find a job Had to feed my family Times were hard my hands are still scarred From the life I've had to lead I was born to run Drove a tractor and trailer all my life Six kids and a hell of a wife Made lots of money it all slipped away A large family that's the price you pay I always dreamed never gave up Son, even when times got tough That's when I'd push it a little bit more You should've heard that engine roar [Chorus:] I was born to run Can't slow down No regrets, I've been blessed Born to run In time you'll see what the good lord's done for me Born to run I can't slow down No regrets, I did my best Born to run In time you'll see What the good lord's done, done for me The old man, he passed away And all he said never crossed my mind Until I saw the price he payed Was a lot like mine I'm full and though it's miles away Gotta hit the city right on time And when I'm on I'll always sing little song of mine I was born to run (repeat chorus) © 2018