Michael BoltonOnly A Woman Like You

It's beautiful, your honesty You cry when you need to You say what you feel You're never afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve You're always so open with me It's in your voice, I can hear it The sound of a woman in love [Chorus] Only a woman can love you so much Give you her life and give you her trust Not any woman can do what you do Only a woman like you It's magical, your love for me It's more than a man could ever receive I'm just a man and it's hard to believe A woman like you could love me It's in your eyes, I can see it The look of a woman in love [Chorus] If only I could find the words to say But I just can't, so forgive me 'Cause you took the words away You answered every prayer I always prayed It's in your touch, I can feel it The feeling of a woman in love [Chorus: x2]
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