Gary NumanFriends

See the strange boy keeping to the shadows Hes a very good friend of mine I've seen you running from the ladies Don't tell me you're not that kind I've got the time if youve got the money Mister you'll be pleased you'll see Well meet by the tubeway as the screamer cries eleven And you can have your way with me Youre gonna make me feel so cold See my one love talking to the pretty boy I never did like her taste My skin is rubber on a skeletal body I'm physically going to waste Feel my eyes and the tongue of a killer I'm a humanoid logic machine Don't touch me with your painted little fingers Cos I know where they've been Youre not gonna put those scabs on me I must hide from a thousand grinning faces All sucking from my crazy mind Take a ride out in my imagery of ages And heaven knows what you will find I've no time for the chitter-chatter ladies I'm so busy trying to break this wall Hear my words cos emotion now is leaving You see I'm really not a human at all And I don't think I wanna stay © 2018