New EditionCome Home With Me

[Verse 1] I'm standing here all alone this nights about to end (I'm looking for somebody) To wil' out with me sexually Come with me baby Girl it's been long Close the door Shed your clothes for me nice and slow Will you dance for me(dance for me) Freak for me(freak for me) Give it to me All I want to know... [Chorus] Who's gonna come home with me tonight(will you come home with me tonight) Who's gonna lay her body next to mine(lay your body down next to mine) Who's gonna come home with me tonight(aww baby) Tell me who baby( tell me baby yeah yeah) I just want to know who [Verse 2] Here's the part where I can make your body start to tremble(no no no no no) Girl your body's tight That's why I decide to choose you tonight(mmm) Jump in my bed so I can take you undercover Making love room to room until the sun's up Then I'll let you fall asleep naked on me(naked on me) This is our bedroom scene(baby baby baby baby baby baby baby) [Chorus] (Get ready to take my love tonight)(alright) See cause I'm gonna take you all the way donw tonight (Get ready for what's in me through love) See I want to wrap my arms around you tonight And I want you to feel my love(get ready to taste my love every drop) Cause I run deep so deep so deep Inside your love cause I got one question for you baby(ahhhhhhhhh) If you're ready to feel it and taste it Come on and take it [Chorus til end] © 2017