Nine Inch NailsRingfinger (In Album Purest Feeling)

[Also known as Twist] Well you've got me working so hard lately. Working my hands until they bleed. If i was twice the man i could be. I'd still be half of what you need Still you lead me and i follow All of your back up to your chin. Over to the tip of your switchblade as you pull it out and stick it in. [Chorus:] (Twist,Twist,Twist) we can go a little deeper. (Twist,Twist,Twist) i'm wearing these chains. (Twist,Twist,Twist) you make it hurt real good. (Twist,Twist,Twist) i love the pain. Well you just leave me nailed here. Hanging like Jesus on the cross. I'm just dying for your sins. And aiding to the cause. [Chorus] Wrap my soul in bandages. I'm tired of this war. Go ahead and cut me. I can't even feel it anymore. [Chorus] © 2014