Reba sink a boulder in the water Reba tie a cable to a tree Reba stuck in a game of lipstick perfume flypaper Reba press a razor to a slide cross a needle with a prune Knee deep in the motel tub Reba dangle ladle form her lip Dip Sip Reba babble to the nag with the lipstick perfume Mutter to a farmer in a truck Take a peek at the cheetah, Reba Cheetah on the prowl in a cage Sink a boulder in the water Tie a cable to a tree Mutter "nature" to the nag With the lipstick perfume Reba flush a fleshfarm leftover Thunder in a circle Down the pipes Bag it Tag it Sell it to the butcher in the store Reba put a stopper in the bottom of the tub Picked up a jar unscrewed the top And watched it drop into the water A little scoop of plaster mix Some coffee grounds and mud And then she stirred it with the ladle That her Grandmother had bought her Threw in a pot of melted wax A forefoot and a hoof Apple core, worms galore And a can of some corrosive Coconuts and chloroform Some wicker and some cork Toxic waste, some purple paste She hoped was not explosive Reba dip a ladle for a taste of her creation And she knew that what she made Would be the finest in the nation © 2018