PhishRound Room

My room is round when I lay down, when I wake up it's square When I go outside it's on a spiral set of stairs The people that surround me are waiting out there In a round room they can't find me anywhere Right angle rooms drive me crazier each day Put me in a box I know I'm never going to play Put me in a square room and I won't know what to say I want a round room at the end of the day I had an apartment, four corners on the walls Couldn't eat, couldn't sleep there at all I want a curve to the place where I stay I want a round room at the end of the day If I pass out take me to the round church Where echoes resound And my spirit is found And when I float high Take my arm and I'll fly you by The outskirts of town, to a garden that's round I went to the lighthouse and I liked the view I looked out the window and I could see you Put me in a square house and I won't have a clue I want a round room just to be with you © 2017