Prefab SproutHorsin' Around

It's me again your worthless friend or foe I somehow let that lovely creature down Horsin' around, horsin' around Some things we check and double check and lose I guess I let that little vow get lost Forgettin' the cost, forgettin' the cost Quick to forgive and so slow to blame, the very thought fills me with shame But that didn't stop it happening The thrill of it - can I call it that ? - was cheap And feeling cheap's the only thing you keep It's so unsightly to walk from her arms so lightly Selling it all up the swanee Horsin' around's a serious business, last thing you'd want somebody to witness I was the fool who always presumed that I'd wear the shoes and you'd be the doormat You wonder why my hands are still shaking : in need of a cry the shoulders are taken... I deserve to be kicked so badly You deserve more than I sold you for Horsin' around, horsin' around The moral is whatever else you learn You shouldn't let that lovely creature down Lord just blind me, don't let her innocent eyes remind me Selling it all up the swanee Horsin' around, horsin' around. © 2018