Red Hot Chili PeppersOne Big Mob

I am you are me Good woman said you gotta believe Submerge into the urge of we Deliciously the mystery [Chorus] We big mob aw yea aw yea One big mob aw yea aw yea Ek bara mala aw yea aw yea Ek bara mala aw yea aw yea Ooze into into my noodle East or west shepherd or poodle Ladybug pinetree To mingle with the bumblebee A lover to the sun And a brother to the cool breeze [Chorus] Scrawled upon the wall Of a bathroom stall A stranger wrote a note That spoke to all One two buckle my shoe Take care of me 'Cause I might be you [Chorus] We live in the city We live in the jungle It's time to be drinking A thimble humble Everything you ever see Is never more than you and me Give it on in to the beauty of the mystery One big mob in one big home A broken home I'd like to share some air with you Some air with you A morning forest full of truths The green is blue The head that's getting pregnant lives To give and give What was I thinking in my head The color red Breaking hearts instead of bread Something I said Checkmated by frustration Need to be cut loose A different kind of being lost A sullen cost Picaboo street In Timbuktu Do I need repeat That a boy Named Sue Rockin' To the beat Of the kangaroo Let me kiss your feet And your Forehead Too © 2017