Ringo StarrCount Down Meets Merlin And Amber

By Paul Buckmaster -"COUNT DOWN! IT'S BEEN MANY MOONS SINCE WE'VE LAST SEEN EACH OTHER!" -"ARE YOU WELL?" -"OF COURSE, AM I NOT ALWAYS WELL?" -"GREAT, JUST GREAT!" -"the planet will watch over me. Now tell me of yourself, Was your journey pleasant? " -"IT HAD it's MOMENTS." -"AND YOUR MUSICAL STUDIES, DO THEY PROGRESS?" -"I suppose so, over the years I've been into just about every Considerable type of music there is, you know. " -"MM, SPLENDID." -"BLINK? SMALL? WHAT DO YOU DO?" -"I built my whole life to see you crowned, king. Tomorrow Night my life's work will be rewarded, " -"look at the throne! A people without A king for A hundred years and I'm to be the heir of the throne. Didn't I tell you? " -"I KNOW YOU'LL BE A GREAT RULER." -"now, count down, there's not much time left if you're to find Any sustenance before the party, you really must go out now. " -"MINE IS AMBER." -"COUNT DOWN." -"MY NAME IS AMBER." -"COUNT DOWN." -"AMBER." -"COUNT DOWN." -"AMBER." -"AMBER, WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ME?" -"WON'T YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO EAT? OR SOME WINE?" -"NO, THANK YOU." -"let's see, what do I know about you? Quite A lot. Van helsing's talked about you A great deal. " -"oh, that you're an authority in the occult, that you're here to open A museum and that you're giving A performance at the preview this Evening. " -"IS THAT ALL?" -"NO IT'S NOT ALL." -"WHAT ELSE?" -"A FEW THINGS I'VE LEARNT MYSELF IN THE LAST COUPLE OF HOURS." -"REALLY?" -"THAT YOU'RE CHARMING, ATTRACTIVE, THE PERFECT HEIR-" -"IS THAT ALL?"
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