Robert PalmerWoke Up Laughing

I was waiting for you I was sat in the sun I could picture your face on the tip of my tongue I woke up laughing I broke into a sweat I broke into a run You were hot in my heels so I hired a gun I woke up laughing I was flat on my back I was taking a plunge It was making a stand but my plan was undone I woke up laughing Well I planned an escape for the middle of june But I drug too fast and I fire too soon I woke up laughing Woke up laughing You make yourself a fortune, out in hong kong You sit at home and wonder whether you were wrong You take a small vacation just to keep sane You find on your return your home has blown away You meditate, you make haste You run a risk, you come late, You pay a bill, you lose face You're not fully unaware Your star or your fate If you fall do you break You go to war, you make love You sign out in a box Repeat whole song © 2018