Roger DaltreyDon't Talk To Strangers

By Julia Downes/Krisryder/Roger Daltrey © 1983 dick James Music Inc, bmi. The voice brings back memories I'd rather forget that other side of life In the shadows of the blue room Those were free and easy times We were never far behind The innocence abused With every hall we played, unaware of the masquerade. Chorus Don't talk to strangers Don't make any sudden moves I sense a danger In running out on you I gave it all away Victims of our youth, Afraid of darkness, So I'm running back to you, I'm running back to you The darkest regions of a writer's heart Gave us songs that tore the world apart In the shadows of a blue room It promised fame and opened doors Still it left me wanting more Beckoned to me from the wings Showed me everything Took me from the safety of your arms © 2018