Roger DaltreyIt Don't Satisfy Me

By Alan Shacklock/ Roger Daltrey © 1985 cbs Songs Ltd., Trinfold Music And Eternal Music Ltd adm By Clive Banks Music Ltd. C/o atv Music Corp., bmi Wheeling dealing drives me crazy Sometimes feel I'm goin insane Magic moments High rents Pretence I can't do the same thing My place, your place Slapped face, Rat race I wonder will I ever be free Or is freedom something I'll never see Cos it don't satisfy me High lights, low lights Slit skirts, no tights Sometimes feel I'm getting too old Tvs Bee's knee, late night movies People thinking brass is gold Turn round, slow down Feeling low down I can't keep going on this way Cos if that's all life is All I can say That it don't satisfy me Satisfy this craving to keep finding something new Satisfy this feeling that I'm never getting through © 2018