Roger DaltreyLover's Storm

By Gary Usher/Tom Kelly © 1987 Denise Barry Music, ASCAP/Are Around The World Music Inc. The silence is saying there's trouble ahead The pressure speaks louder than words It feels like we're hanging on by a thread day to day The closer we get seems we're further apart Let's back off before it's too late Since we know each other's lives by heart anyway We've come so damn far and been through it all It's hard to turn round with your back to the wall And the tears rain down It's a lover's storm When the lightning strikes And the pain is born Feels like another lover's storm When the heat of the night Keeps our emotions warm It's a lover's storm We've got to give in, try to work it out This whole thing's dragged on for so long But I forgot what we're fighting about anymore Now I just don't know how much I can take I'm bending so far feels like I'm gonna break And the tears rain down © 2014