Words by neil peart, music by geddy lee and alex lifeson Like a shipwrecked mariner adrift on an unknown sea Clinging to the wreckage of the lost ship fantasy I'm a castaway, stranded in a desolate land I can see the footprints in the virtual sand Net boy, net girl Send your signal 'round the world Let your fingers walk and talk And set you free Net boy, net girl Send your impulse 'round the world Put your message in a modem And throw it in the cyber sea Astronauts in the weightlessness of pixellated space Exchange graffiti with a disembodied race I can save the universe in a grain of sand I can hold the future in my virtual hand Let's dance tonight To a virtual song Press this key And you can play along Let's fly tonight On our virtual wings Press this key To see amazing things Like a pair of vagabonds who wave between two passing trains Or the glimpse of a woman's smile through a window in the rain I can smell her perfume, I can taste her lips I can feel the voltage from her fingertips Net boy, net girl Send your heartbeat round the world © 2018