RemBittersweet Me

(Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe) I move across, innocence lost All flashing pulsar I move across the earth in my new pattern shirt I pass satellites "You're so bitter," your complaint I can't give you anything I don't know who you're livin' for I don't know who you are anymore (chorus 1) I'd sooner chew my leg off, Than be trapped in this How easy you think of all of this as bittersweet me (chorus 2) I couldn't taste it I'm tired and naked I don't know what I'm hungry for I don't know what I want anymore I move across, candy floss I move like a tank I move across the room With a heart full of gloom, Stronger than you think Oh my peer, Your veneer is wearing thin and cracking The surface informs that underneath, Underneath is lacking (repeat chorus 1) (repeat chorus 2) You move across, innocence lost, All static and desire, You're blue in the face from navel gaze, You set yourself on fire You strip down and lay yourself out, I know you can't fake it, But are you tired and naked? Are you tired and naked? (repeat chorus 1) (repeat chorus 2 3x) © 2018