(Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe) Chance, chance, chance, chance Friday bank card yours got stuck I loaned you a phone quarter, said "Good luck" Where are you now? Me and glasses Saturday slump You and your shopping, I looked up Our eyes met, mine are green You'd had a peroxide thing Call now, look me up Sunday walk, Weaver's Park, I was on the lakeside Where the playgrounds meet In bare feet You said, "Mighty cold today" You never see what I think You didn't like your daytime job I was born to travel You were a camera, I dropped my keys I'm on the northbound, you were asleep I said, "Are you holding?" "You wanna ride the silent sky?" I wrote a story on the fly You in the tabletop I said, "I've had enough of the city." I held a bag of apples You at the last table I had had a soy dog Cafe streetside, Tuesday bloom You wanna be on fire, I said I hung the moon Wednesday grocery, corner of Vine, You were in the checkout line I dropped my frozen dinners, you helped pick them up Thursday cab rush, our block, You with broken accent, my heart stopped You laughed, I worry Chance, chance, chance, chance Swarming like a dozen crushing blows All those glances, midtime dances Chance I never looked it up You hit the sidewalk talking Said, "I'd read the ads" Do you? Where are you? Will you read this? Can I see? This is surely moving faster than I can think A minute shy, a passing eye I know I saw you there Will you read this? Can I see? What did I see? Chance, chance, chance, chance Swimming like a dozen crushing blows All those midtime dances Chance Guys, this is very tedious... Stop! © 2018