Nothing could be bring me closer Nothing could be bring me near Where is the road I follow? Believing, leave It's under, under, under my feet The scene spread out there before me Better I go where the land touches the sea There is my trust in what I believe [Chorus] That's what keeps me, That's what keeps me, That's what keeps me down, To leave it, believe it, Leave it all behind Shifting the dream Nothing could bring me further from my old friend time Shifting the dream Charging the scene I know where I marked the signs Suffer the dreams of a world gone mad I like it like that and I know it I know it well, ugly and sweet A temperament who said believe in his dream That's what keeps me That's what keeps me That's what keeps me down I set it on there lightly I sent it off in an airplane That never left the ground [Chorus] Lift me, lift me, I attain my dream I lost myself, I lost them Heartache calling me I lost myself in sorrow I lost myself in pain I lost myself in gravity, Memory, leave, leave, leave [Chorus: x2] Midnight hands, my eyes are still I walk into the scene Shoot myself in a different place Leavin' Longed for this to take me, Longed for my release Waited for the coming Leavin', leave Leave, leave Leavin', leavin' Leavin', leave © 2017