(Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe) When I was watching tv back in 73 A skinny old man sure appealed to me His name by now, I'm sure you know The man who played a starring role in Jacques Cousteau Oh, I And ever since then I've written the dude Dreaming of swimming around the Coral reef I'd even bought my camera and my scuba gear If only Jacques had called to stop a career Oh, I [Chorus:] I wanna be a narrator I wanna be a narrator (I wanna be a narrator) For the Jacques Cousteau show For the Jacques Cousteau show (for the Jacques Cousteau show) Swimming under water with my microphone I'd record noises in the aqua-zone Chasing down the killer whale that's eating our crew Just to bring the story facts back to you Oh, I (repeat chorus) I've written the networks, sent my picture too Done everything I could possibly do I've given up trying to get through to him Maybe he knows I don't know how to swim Oh, I (repeat chorus) © 2018