RemNew Test Leper

(Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe) I can't say that I love Jesus That would be a hollow claim He did make some observations And I'm quoting them today "Judge not lest ye be judged" What a beautiful refrain The studio audience disagrees Have his lambs all gone astray? (chorus) Call me a leper Call me a leper Call me a leper "You are lost and disillusioned!" What an awful thing to say I know this show doesn't flatter It means nothing to me I thought I might help them understand But what an ugly thing to see "I am not an animal" Subtitled under the screen (repeat chorus) When I tried to tell my story They cut me off to take a break I sat silent 5 commercials I had nothing left to say The talk show host was index-carded All organized and blank The other guests were scared and hardened What a sad parade What a sad parade (repeat chorus) © 2018