RemStrange Currencies

I don't know why you're mean to me When I call on the telephone And I don't know what you mean to me But I want to turn you on Turn you up, figure you out I want to take you on [Chorus] These words, "You will be mine" These words, "You will be mine, all the time" Now fool might be my middle name But I'd be foolish not to say I'm going to make whatever it takes Ring you up, call you down, sign your name Secret love, make it rhyme Take you in and make you mine [Chorus] I tripped and fell, did I fall What I want to feel I want to feel it now Now with love comes strange currencies And here is my appeal I need a chance, a second chance, a third chance A fourth chance, a word, a signal A nod, a little breath Just to fool myself, to catch myself And make it real, real [Chorus] These words, "You will be mine" These words haunt me, hunt me down, catch in my throat Make me pray, to say love's confines, oh © 2017