RemWalk Unafraid

(Buck/Mills/Stipe) As the sun comes up, as the moon goes down These heavy notions creep around It makes me think Long ago I was broght into this life, a liitle lamb A little lamb Courageous, stumbling Fearless was my middle name But somewhere there I Lost my way Everyone walks the same Expecting me to step The narrow path they've laid They claim to [Chorus:] Walk unafraid I'll be clumsy instead Hold my love me or leave me High Say "keep within the boundaries if you want to play" Say "contradiction only makes it harder" How can I be What I want to be? When all I want to do is strip away These stilled constraints And crush this charade Shred this sad masquerade I don't need no persuading I'll trip, fall, pick myself up and (repeat chorus) If I have a bag of rocks to carry as I go I just want to hold my head up high I don't care what I have to step over I'm prepared to look you in the eye Look me in the eye And if you see familiarity Then celebrate the contradiction Help me when I fall to (repeat chorus 2x) © 2018