Snoop DoggTommy Boy

[Snoop Dogg] Southern hospitality Yea (This that south shit boy) Y'all know how we do this (shit) What up fool This for all my boys in Mississippi Magnolia, McConnell (fightin south you know) This for all my boys in Tennessee (tell 'em) Holler at ya boy when I get there (MJG and Eightball) All my playas in Houston Atlanta GA (Georgia boys, in the hou-) (We'll say sup to that New Orleans clique out there) [Snoop Dogg] It's a Sunday a fun day, one day Away from Monday, and all day ain't no gunplay And everything is alright outside (why) Cuz Farrakhan put his speech down and got all the brothers to ride For one cause, and that's how it is y'all Wise on up to rise on up dawg Each one teach one, let the lesson be taught It ain't my fault your homie Tommy Boy got caught If he was slicker than grease, he woulda been at peace Instead tryna ride while the war was at cease [Daz Dillinger] When me and Snoop was kids we always knew this kid named Tommy His parents died left him with gangit kinds of money But Tommy was a hustler from around the way Stayed on the northside of town, is where he say He payed attention to whatever, they was games so clever If the situation was bad it can only get better He ran around the dope house [Snoop Dogg (Daz)] So he put us up on his scheme He knew that we was riders so he wanted us on his team (Uh, poor Tommy) Getcha money, size team (uh) Getcha money man (He was out to get paid) Getcha money man (Poor Tommy) Getcha money man (Me and Snoop on his team) (Get paid) Gotta have that money man (Getcha money man) Getcha money man (Getcha money man) [Snoop Dogg] Tommy was a rider, big money Tommy had everything, it wasn't funny All the younger G's used to look up to him But there was no way, that the bigger ones could do him They would try him, try him, everytime he was slick But he never would slip, he always had his grip And if he did, he'd get away cuz he was just to fast Homie up Tommy, Tommy, Tommy's out to mash Get it, get it, get it, cuz ya gotta have it And when ya get make sure ya grab it and stab it Maintain it, brain it, the way ya gots to Cuz this is somethin to rock to [Daz] Man, we sacked up dollars and Caddies, Omiscious muggin 'em for him We had to gather up cash - whoever owed it to him The hitman had hit us, niggas runnin shit, And never wantin to quit us, when the machine gun spit Now we really deep in the game, now it's murder and drugs No names involved when that nigga caught a slug Tommy told us forget it, that he's always down wit us The problems of the murder will be aquitted (young nigga) [Snoop Dogg] Now word on the streets is that Machine Gun Tommy, Ridin on big ballers for a pasttime hobby So if ya havin money, and ya smoke big weed First thing ya need is a security team And we provide, or should I say we ride for Tommy My compadre, and if he say "spray em", we spray So I suggest, you get with the 'PG, Or find yourself layin six feet dizzy [Daz (Snoop Dogg)] We was down with big Tommy (Getcha money man.. getcha money man.. getcha money man) On the streets doing his thang, gettin paid (Getcha money man.. getcha money man..) (Getcha money man.. getcha money man..) We was down with big Tommy (Getcha money man.. getcha money man.. getcha money man) Me and Snoop still on his team, big pimps gettin paid We was down with big Tommy (Getcha money man.. getcha money man.. getcha money man) We was down with big Tommy (Getcha money man.. getcha money man..) Check me out now man [Daz] We had money, jewelry and expensive cars Niggas who didn't know us, finally know who we are We was important to the neighborhood like presidents and mass, Everytime he do a lick he break us off our proper share A couple of days Tommy was on top of the world Threw a party with the homies, invited gangs of girls [Snoop Dogg] Yeah, it was off the hook ya'know We had everything from Indo to blow (Whhaaatt, you sniff blow?) Oh hell no, I got my whole life ahead of me, no time to be sniffin If Tommy find out, boy he'll be trippin So I stay A-Ok, but anyway Tommy got somethin to say, to say, to say... [Tommy talking] Aye look here mayne, What some people won't do for money Yea I had these two niggas that was on my team Ya'know, down with me like the Grey Tape It's always the niggas that's closest to ya, That be the ones that try to get'cha, ya'knowhaImsayin Shit I heard these ladies the other day say that pimpin was dead I said not in my bed bitch {*echo*} Ah-ha, that's real, I'll put that on my fiz-sound I'm a pimp 'til I die, cuz I represent the big, As well as the small ha-ha Big Timin baby {*echo*} © 2018