Soul AsylumFreaks

Make ure chillin Guts start spillin Its piece of a puzzle Piece of a trouble Is it somethin else? Ure sellin yourself Im so wanting Without a clue Gotta find something better Something better to do Something so exciting Im into something new You piece together the whole thing Gives u something to use Maybe I should practice it one more time Maybe Im afraid what it might do Maybe it might upset someone Maybe that's what it's supposed to do Pull it from the bottom It begins to change Find another existance That's what ure trying to say? Im not pushin u out Im not pushin u off Im not pushin u out Im not pushin u All of the lands are terribly restless With tellin u what to do But u go bak to the land Where ure defensless They act just like me and u Look what u've don't to me Look what I've done to u Look what they've done to us Now were like noone else They're laughin at u Talkin about u All these new things All these new things I found in use And Im workin so hard When I think it is real Everybody does once Just to see how it feels Its not a sensation And it's not for sale So what can u call it now? Keep em gotten They'll spoil u rotten Keep em gotten Keep em gotten Just another freak Be another freak Be a freak © 2014