Soul AsylumStanding In The Doorway

Standing in the doorway Wondering if it's safe to go outside Wondering if I'll come back Wondering if I might just drift out with the rising tide Sitting and waiting and hoping to find Something you're good at to use up your time To crawl from the ocean and lie on the shore A moonbeam the rests on the dust on your floor I'm not going out there Don't try to tell me I'm paranoid Wouldn't say I'm not scared Though it may be safe to say that I am annoyed In the intersection traffic lights are red in all directions Everyone breaks the law sometimes We all break down have foolish pride and Beg for some affection I can't say I know how you feel everyone seems to know Are you sure I would if I could help you remember What it's like to feel good Chitter and chatter and everything matters I ask how you're feeling And you just act shattered Asleep on the couch with your eyes open wide Standing in the doorway Waiting as you come and as you leave You say get out of my way Won't you stop and talk about the hectic life you lead They're all going somewhere They all have some place they have to be Maybe I should join them I wish I could I think I have to stay here with me It brings a tear to your eye to get out into the open I can't believe I see myself Coming into focus © 2018