Steely DanCountermoon

On a night like this You look up at your lover It's like you're in some old cartoon Then you detect The scent of faded roses Up in the sky There's that cruel countermoon Could that be murder you see in her eyes You try a long and desperate kiss You can't escape it That beam is sure to find you Chorus: On a night like this The story is told How the women get restless And the men grow cold Gotham shudders There's a chill in the air There's a countermoon Lovers all beware Hand in hand You walk along the river You stop to clutch and caress A countermoonbeam Comes sweeping off the water She says "you're not my jackie. My jackie was the best. " Spitewaves are threatening The seaside hotels It's nasty weather for july Last night you loved her Tonight you wonder why Chorus At every pay phone There's somebody cryin' All the streets are slick with tears When you see that blue ray There's a heartquake on the way Chorus © 2018