Steely DanJanie Runaway

It must have been my lucky Thursday Your dad went on that spree Before the crew could put out the fires You hopped a bus for NYC Down in Tampa the future looked desperate and dark Now you're the wonderwaif of Gramercy Park Who makes the morning fabulous Who says today's a fun day Why do I feel like sailing again Honey it's you Janie Runaway Let's grab some takeout from Dean and Deluca A hearty gulping wine You be the showgirl and I'll be Sinatra Way back in '59 Sweetness in heels, look at you, in long black gloves Come to old blue eyes tell me, who do you love Who makes the traffic interesting Rescues a dreary Sunday Who makes me feel like painting again Honey it's you, Janie Runaway Let's plan a weekend alone together Drive out to Binky's place The sugar shack in Pennsylvania Or would that be a federal case? We'll take the Big Red, the Blazer, it's nice inside And guess who's coming along for the ride Who has a friend named Melanie Who's not afraid to try new things Who gets to spend her birthday in Spain Possibly you, Janie Runaway © 2017