Steely DanTwo Against Nature

Bad news breaking in 18a Missy's kitty turn inside out she say Spider queen demon and that whole crew Across the lobby the wicker wing chair flew All the nice people those goodly souls Quaking in their respective hidey-holes Everyone's wasted in this gruesome dream Not a one of them left to hear you scream Chorus: Two against nature don't you know Who's gonna grok the shape of things to go Two against nature make them groan Who's gonna break the shape of things unknown Madame erzulie she come last night Bang you silly but leave a nasty bite There on your nightstand much worse than that Panatela and old black derby hat Call your doctor - call your shrink Western science she strictly rinkydink They all masissi but we hang tough Apsatively gonna help you beat that stuff Chorus: Two against nature tan and lean Puttin' big heat on skanky things unseen Two against nature slinging dread These boys wanna bang the skulls of things undead T-bone angie she champion liar Sew the mouth shut with rusty chicken wire Brother lou garue and the jerry garry Sprinkling chicken water gonna hush all three Beautiful housewife in deep distress 'specially you deserve our very best Two against nature they got that stuff Good things happening when you see about us Chorus: Two against nature love this gig Pull up the weeds before they're too damn big Two against nature stand alone Who's gonna chase the shape of things unknown Two against nature don't you know Who's gonna drop the boom on things to go Two against nature make them groan Gonna go bang-zoom to the moon on things unknown Scrape the wallboards the whole damn batch Catch the maggoty eggs before they hatch Pepper and ratbone make damn sure Shake the rubbish out on the patio floor Soak the timber with special spray Nuke the itty bitty ones right where they lay Whip the bastards while they still green Take the firemop - sweep it kissing clean © 2018