Steely DanWest Of Hollywood

Brother in tears Look at this chain of sorrows Stretching all the way from here and now to hell and gone I was kid clean She was anne de siecle Just a thrill away from punching through to the cosmic wow It started out good Then it got lots better Makin' up the rules as we went along But with a business like this There's an gnarly downside Chorus: I'm way deep into nothing special Riding the crest of a wave breaking just west of hollywood Swingin' so hard We burned right through the summer Till the axis of pain/pleasure sheared the arc of desire From the rebus affair To the streets of culver city Places and events slip below the horizon line Now at this time Into our pretty story The truth compels us To bring a certain name Meet if you will Doctor warren kruger Chorus She reached out for my hand While I watched myself lurch across the room And I almost got there Look in my eyes Can't you see the core is frozen? You can't ask me to access the dreams I don't have now Sadly for us Our little talk is over So together we'll endure the tyranny of the disallowed Don't you love port blanc When hooterie is over When the girls get easy and the crowds are gone A weekend of bliss Then the rainy season Chorus © 2018