SqueezeCrying In My Sleep

(difford/tilbrook) Breaking up Is breaking my heart Is showing me the door And if I get it open I'll discover that there's much more to life than this As I hit the wall with the full force of my fist I concede this time to defeat I keep crying in my sleep Dear boy, poor boy I keep crying in my sleep Breaking up Is making me see Inside myself again And if I can keep looking Inside then I might change the things that I fear It keeps my heart awake and stops the tears. My nights are incomplete I keep crying in my sleep The sound of her voice The sound of her words I hear every breath Each whisper is heard But it's so hard now Now she is gone Everything I did I did wrong I keep crying in my sleep And if I turn full circle Perhaps I'll see that the road ahead is clear When the world that's on my shoulder disappears. At night the footsteps creak I keep crying in my sleep
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