SqueezeGreat Escape

(difford/tilbrook) Sitting there at home, he arrived home late With no more blood cells to inebriate He lunged at her there, she fell from the couch He grabbed her body as he pulled her down She was screaming no, kicking out at him But he weighed a ton, she could never win He fell down on her like a sack of snakes Tears fell from her face as she cried and cried When there's hope, when there's fear What is there to say that he might hear You turn him down with no mistake Now you're leaving, the great escape She ran from the room out of their back door Leaving him to sleep on the front room floor And she walked that night to the town hall square She knew it was through and she didn't care She stood up to him, he looked down on her He shot the message and the messenger When he woke he was sick with all the shame Tears fell from his face as she cried and cried She arrived back home, he was on his knees Begging with his heart please come back to me
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